We are constantly in need of new team members, as a member of Webtoons Rush you will have the benefit of being the star of our all our fans. You will be the person behind those AWESOME translations that bring joy, empathy, love and all kinds of other emotions that our readers experience when they read our translations. Every member of the WTR staff are part of our goal and vision to always bring the highest quality translations and artwork for the world's enjoyment.

To be part of our team it is preferred that you have already experience with Photoshop or translating text from languages such as Chinese, Korean or Japanese. Having some previous experience will aid in you quickly and easily being able to jump into your position on our team. If you have no experience or cannot read one of the previously mentioned languages we are always open to teaching you how to photoshop or discussing about you helping with one of the few positions not requiring specialized skills.

The positions on our team are as follows...

  • Raw Collection
  • Raw Cleaning (Requires basic to advanced Photoshop skills)
  • Translation (Requires proficiency in reading mentioned languages and translation to English)
  • Proofreading (Must have proficient English grammar skills)
  • Typesetting (Requires basic to advanced Photoshop skills)
  • Quality Control and Releasing (Typically not for new members)

Want to apply for a position on the Webtoons Rush team? Fill out the contact form below and thank you for your interest.

~Fireant456 | Webtoons Rush! Editor and Owner

Webtoons Rush Staff Application

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